Dormitory Workers

Camp Area:  15000 Sq. meter

Capacity people    : 1152 person (Engineering room, worker room)

Tel Line: 15

Bathroom: 50

Washroom: 66

Kitchen: 2

TV: 48 pcs

Refrigerator: 20

Parking space: 24

Saline water wells: 2

Fresh water wells: 1

Urban Electricity

Diesel generator backup power

Mazda Truck: 1


 Water Tank

Warehouse of Barzin

Land area: 10400 Sq. meter

Security House: 50 Sq. meter

Urban Electricity

Warehouse: 624 Sq. meter

Pipe water

Nissan Truck: 1

Diesel generator backup power


Security guard: 4

Security Alarm






 You can download the PDF file include list of Barzin main Equipment's and Machines from here.  Download pdf